Frequently Asked Questions

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BookLive is the marketplace for instantly booking live musicians. Musicians list their prices upfront, making BookLive the fastest, easiest, most transparent way to book a live musician! We offer our musicians management tools so they can be on top of their business as a performer because yes, performing is not just a craft, it’s a business as well. Knowing that musicians on BookLive are professional and are self-managing makes them more attractive to book!
BookLive exists to get you booked more and to make your life easier. Plain and simple. We were founded by a musician, so we understand the struggles involved in performing. We want to eliminate the need for agents, while simultaneously putting more money in your pocket. Our booking fee is 5%, far lower than the 10, 15, or 20% expected from agents. We offer management tools like scheduling, income management, and marketing automation, all of which help to improve your professionalism and makes you more attractive to hire.
It is our job to save you time and money in the booking process and make your life easier. We’re here to provide you with a diverse pool of pre-screened, talented, instantly-bookable musicians. When you book a musician with BookLive, you’re taking advantage of instant booking with upfront and transparent pricing, detailed musician profiles, safe and secure payments, and musician reviews. We’ve taken all the friction out of talent booking by providing you everything you need to book a musician confidently and within minutes.
Nope, all accounts are free. If you’re a musician, you get to list yourself for free too - no subscription necessary.
BookLive requires both planners and musicians to create a free BookLive account. As a planner, this is the account you use to book a musician. As a musician, you get listed by then creating a performer profile, which includes all the information about you as a performer. Within this profile, musicians finish the process by creating bookable performance packages which they price upfront.
Performance packages are bookable packages created by musicians. Musicians price these packages upfront and describe exactly what they include. Musicians can create as many of these packages as they’d like, differing by things like event type (e.g. bar, wedding, etc.), set length, breaks, and more. The more packages that a musician creates, the more types of events they can be booked for and the more bookable they are. By pricing these packages upfront, it makes the booking process lightning fast - so fast that we guarantee to be the fastest booking process on the web.
BookLive makes money by charging a small 5% booking fee to musicians whenever they get booked. This fee is included in the price at checkout. If the booking is later cancelled, this fee, along with the deposit to musicians, is non-refundable. We are NOT a paid subscription service - we only get paid when musicians get paid.
At checkout, BookLive requires a deposit of half the total cost of the booking. This deposit is non-refundable, ensuring that your musician will not double book themselves with another client during that date and time. Your credit card will not be charged this deposit until the musician confirms your booking - they have 24 hours to do so. The remaining half of the balance is charged on the day of the event.
When a musician confirms a booking, the deposit paid at checkout is non-refundable. This ensures that your musician will not book themselves with another client during that date and time. However, if you must cancel your event, the remaining balance - which would otherwise be charged the day of the performance - can be forgiven based on three cancellation policies: Strict, Moderate, and Accommodating. A Strict policy requires cancellation to occur 30 days before the scheduled booking in order for the remaining balance to be forgiven. A Moderate policy requires one week, and the Accommodating policy requires 24 hours. Musicians determine these policies for each of their performance packages.
The Payment Processing Fee is a fee charged to musicians when they are booked. The exact processing fee is 2.9% of the booking + 30¢. We pay this fee directly to Stripe to make sure all payments are handled safely, securely, and on time.
Booking a musician with BookLive can be done only via credit card. We accept nearly all major credit cards. Payments are processed safely and securely with Stripe. When you book a musician, your card gets charged the non-refundable deposit when the musician accepts the booking. The remaining balance is charged on the day of the event.
If you’re a musician who has been booked through BookLive, you will get paid 24 hours after the performance unless a dispute has been filed during that 24 hour window. If a dispute is filed, we delay payment until the dispute is resolved.
BookLive manually approves every performer profile before publishing it to our site. This vetting process ensures all profiles are adequately detailed - no one will book you if it’s not fill out thoroughly. It also is an opportunity for us to prevent spam accounts and to maintain high community standards. If you’ve created a performer profile which is yet to be approved and would like to inquire about the approval status of that profile, email us at
Yes. On a musician’s upcoming performance calendar, musicians can label days that they’re unavailable. This way you won’t get booked on days you can’t play. Currently, musicians can only set their availability on a day-by-day basis. Soon, we’ll also allow musicians to indicate the specific times in which they’re available on a given day so you’ll never have to decline a booking.
Yes. If you were booked outside of BookLive, you can enter your other bookings to display them on your BookLive performance calendar. By doing so, you let the BookLive community know where they can watch you perform, as well as let potential clients know which days your booked and are unavailable.
Generally, there is no penalty for declining a booking. You have 24 hours after the client request to book you to either accept, decline, or message them. If you decline excessively, we’ll reach out to see what’s up. If you fail to respond to bookings twice in a row without responding, your profile will be put under review and may be temporarily unpublished from BookLive.
Absolutely! Creating a performance package takes only a couple of minutes, and musicians can create as many as they would like. You can even create a custom performance package for a specific client and then take it off your profile after they’ve booked you.
BookLive is extremely proud to call Milwaukee, WI home.