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BookLive is an online marketplace that connects musicians and groups with people looking to hire live music for their events. It also provides musicians with a variety of digital tools to help them market, sell and promote their services, as well as help them coordinate their group. Bandleader Tools are a set of tools that is essentially a digital musician manager. Think of it like Siri, but for your band. Instead of managing all of your clients, musicians and performances with spreadsheets, emails, and texts, BookLive does it all for you in one simple app that cuts down on planning time. No. When you use BookLive to accept credit cards, our credit card processor (Stripe) adds a 3% fee to your total. BookLive lets you choose to either add that on top of the total amount, or pay that from the gig fee. This money goes directly to Stripe to facilitate credit card payments which can get you paid within 5 minutes of a client signing your contract. First and foremost, BookLive helps musicians get more performance opportunities by providing marketing support to groups. Further, BookLive helps with every aspect of running a successful musical group. It helps set your group up for success with a price list, digital contracts, credit card payment processing, bandmate management/scheduling, client communication, venue management, and more! Bandleaders need a BookLive Pro account to manage their groups. Bandmates need a Free Forever account to access setlists and group communication. Clients DO NOT need a BookLive account to access contracts, invoices and client portals. They receive special links via email to access these features. Yes! You can set BookLive up to remind your bandmates to respond to an availability request if they haven't responded after a certain period of time. Most groups set this to 24 hours, and you can disable this feature. No. Payment information for all bandmates can only be seen by the bandleader. Each bandmate will only see the amount they will be paid. No, you are welcome to continue accepting other payment methods (check, cash, Venmo, etc). BookLive lets you record those payments, send receipts, and at the end of the year, you'll get a report of all payments received.
About Us

BookLive is an online marketplace to find and hire live artists for events. We provide those artists with tools to be better group leaders and performers.

1037 W. McKinley Ave, Suite 314
Milwaukee, WI 53205


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